Total Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder Pain: SLAP Tears

Image provided by OrthoInfo AAOS A SLAP tear is an injury to the labrum of the shoulder which can be caused by either acute trauma or by repetitive shoulder motion. This injury is to the ring of cartilage which surrounds the socket of the shoulder joint. ...


Shoulder Pain Treatment Video Replay Now Available

SHOULDER PAIN CAUSE & TREATMENT WEBINAR Replay now available. In this NEW webinar replay Dr. Pourtaheri talks about: Common causes of shoulder pain Non-surgical treatments Standard treatments for chronic pain Minimally invasive surgical options Dr. Pourtaheri Dr. Neema Pourtaheri is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon with sub-specialty interest and ...


Top reasons patients chose rotator cuff surgery

Patients who chose rotator cuff repair are interested in alleviating chronic shoulder pain, and they are concerned about the condition worsening. A nagging inability to sleep due to constant discomfort is also reported. Studies bear out that through arthroscopic rotator cuff repair (ARCR), patients consistently achieve significant functional ...


Shoulder Surgery Offers Hope for Older Patients

About 53,000 people in the U.S. have shoulder replacement surgery each year, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. With the continued improvements in surgical technique related to shoulder surgery it’s a much more viable solution for many people who have persistent chronic pain due to ...

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