Foot & Ankle

Foot & Ankle Center

SRO’s Foot and Ankle Center is your first choice treatment program, caring for the foot and ankle no matter now common or complex. We provide a comprehensive array of treatment alternatives covering nonsurgical as well as surgical methods to overcome a patient’s pain and lost function.

SRO Hand & Wrist Center

Hand & Wrist Center

The human hand is a remarkably complex and crucial mechanism. Whether we are reaching, grasping, holding, lifting, squeezing, pulling, pushing (or pecking at a keyboard), our hands are at the very center of our lives from our first moments, and they remain so all our lives long.

SRO Spine Center

Spine Center

The spine has been compared to a busy highway with free-flowing traffic moving down from its headquarters in the brain. Home to 33 sets of vertebrae (26 in adult life after seven have fused), 220 ligaments and some 13 million neurons, the spine conveys directions all day long to make our bodies obey the continuous, split-second commands of our brains.

SRO Orthopedic Trauma Center

Orthopedic Trauma

Sudden injuries from an accident or other mishap can turn your life upside down. Or at least the pain and fear they bring can make you feel that way. But expert specialist care from an experienced, board-certified and fellowship-trained team of orthopedic trauma specialists can make all the difference…

SRO Joint Replacement Program

Joint Replacement

Not many years ago, the implantation of new body parts after injury or age has compromised their function sounded like science fiction. But with rapid advances in medical technology and know-how, total joint replacement (also known as “arthroplasty”) has now become…

SRO Regenerative Orthopedics

Regenerative Orthopedics

Many modern medical procedures were the stuff of science fiction in previous generations, now come to life. SRO’s Regenerative Orthopedics Services are among those now well-documented technologies that hold the possibility of healing injuries and other conditions without the need for surgery or other techniques.

SRO Sports Medicine Center

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine has long been of great interest and importance to us at Santa Rosa Orthopaedics. As the explosion of adult fitness reverberated across America and beyond over recent decades, our physicians and staff were no less inspired than others to enjoy the benefits of participatory sports and recreation rather than simply remaining spectators at others’ sporting events.

Shoulder Care

Shoulder Care

When your shoulders glide and rotate as they’re supposed to, you give little thought to the intricate biomechanics they require, and how much has to go right for you to live the life you do. It is only when injury strikes that you realize all that you miss when your shoulders are compromised, and how arduous the simplest activities of daily life can become.

Elbow Care

Elbow Care

Our elbows are meant to bend and straighten freely hundreds of times a day, without us giving it a thought. But when trauma, overuse or a congenital condition come into play and every formerly carefree movement causes us pain, it is time for the kind of expert consultation Santa Rosa Orthpaedics has been offering North Coast residents for generations.

Hip Care

Hip Care

The longer and more active lifespans people enjoy in this era come with great benefits, but sometimes also with a cost to weight-bearing joints that lose protective cartilage over time. Hips in particular bear the brunt of the thousands of hours we spend standing, walking, running and more.

Knee Care

Knee Care

The knee connects the two longest mechanical levers in the human body: the thigh and lower leg. It is often responsible for carrying up to five times our body weight when we are running, walking/hiking downhill, or descending stairs. Given those stresses, it is little wonder that knee pain and injury is one of the most common presenting problems in orthopedic offices around the world.

General Orthopedics

General Orthopedics

We ask a lot of our bodies as we navigate through life, and sometimes they ask for a little help to combat pain and discomfort that may arise from many different causes.