Welcome to Physical and Occupational Therapy

Dedicated to Keeping You In Motion—for Life!

Each individual’s journey towards healing and rehabilitation is unique and different and it is our main goal to get YOU better by taking all components of who YOU are into consideration.

What to expect

  • Each appointment may consist of hands-on manual therapy, exercises, stretches, strengthening, posture/habitual corrections and the use of modalities as each therapist deems appropriate.
  • Appointments can last around 30-60 minutes and will vary depending on your needs for that appointment.
  • Each treatment will vary in structure. As you progress with therapy the structure of each appointment can change. For example, on visit #2 and #3, your therapist might perform a lot of manual therapy and hands-on training. As you progress your therapist might use less manual therapy and increase exercises for strengthening and return to recreational/work activities.
  • Therapy is dynamic and is meant to change overtime to get you better and back to what matters the most, your life!


  • Pain can be perceived in many ways and research is consistently showing that depression, inactivity, stress, reduced satisfaction with work activities and many other emotional/psychological contributors can increase pain levels and our sensitivity to pain.
  • Pain can be perceived in so many ways that it’s important to be open with your therapist regarding how you feel during treatments. Do not hesitate to speak up.

How long will this take?

  • Recovery timeline will vary depending on the type of surgery or injury you sustained, your age, other conditions such as diabetes or inflammatory levels and sleep quality, among other factors.
  • Due to this, each individual’s healing journey will be different and your therapist will assist you along the entire process.