At SRO, we recognize that prescription drugs play a key and timely role in the health and comfort of our patients. Our goal is always to fill your prescription refill requests as promptly as possible. To order a refill, please call your pharmacy, and they will relay your request to our office for approval. In general, the process works most efficiently if patients allow at least 48 hours for prescription refills to be processed.

Please do not contact the physician on call after normal business hours. Our physicians handle a high volume of emergency calls and are often in surgery, so they may not receive your request until the following day. Patients can play an active role in ensuring timely delivery of prescriptions by planning ahead and taking into account weekends and holidays.

If you have further questions regarding your prescriptions please call your SRO physician’s medical assistant (see list below).

Physician Medical Assistants

Physician Phone Number
Dr. Degenhardt (707) 546-1922 x5437
Dr. Stein (707) 546-1922 x5433
Dr. Schakel (707) 546-1922 x5438 or x5448
Dr. Athanassious (707) 546-1922 x6472 or x2328
Dr. McDermott (707) 546-1922 x6470
Dr. Mintalucci (707) 522-5444 x6471
Dr. Axelrad (707) 546-1922 x5441
Dr. Pourtaheri (707) 546-1922 x6304
Dr. Nentwig (707) 546-1977 x5517