In this recent webinar presentation with Dr. Christian Athanassious you will learn about neck & back pain.

In this recent webinar video replay with Dr. Christian Athanassious you will learn about:

  • Neck and back pain; the common sources of your pain.
  • When is it time to see a specialist?
  • How problems get diagnosed.
  • What are the traditional medical treatments?
  • When is it time to consider minimally-invasive surgery?

Dr. Athanassious

Dr. Christian Athanassious is the Medical Director of The Total Spine Health Program at Santa Rosa Orthopaedics and Vice Chair of Surgery at Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital. His outstanding achievements earned him a spot in the prestigious Stanford University Spine Fellowship, which he completed in 2014. After training alongside some of the world’s finest spine surgeons, Dr. Athanassious brings invaluable expertise and knowledge about the latest advancements in orthopaedic spine operative and non-operative care to individuals of all ages in the North Bay Area.