Adnan Jerkovic is a device representative in the medical field and often works with Santa Rosa Orthopaedics (SRO) physicians. So, when Adnan sustained a serious wrist injury from playing water polo, and after getting x-rays through his primary physician, he contacted SRO. Based on the nature of his injury, he was referred to Dr. Dominic Mintalucci.

In September 2017, after offices visits and thorough analysis along with imaging, he was diagnosed with scapholunate instability in the right wrist. While only in his 30’s, Adnan’s issue was a possible chronic issue and exacerbated by his water polo activity. The best longterm treatment option was “full reconstruction of the joint”. Given his options, Adnan decided to proceed with this complex procedure. The surgery was a success and Adnan was thrilled to have no pain immediately afterward; just discomfort from wearing the cast for eight weeks. After a few months, Adnan has great range of motion and now is returning to his favorite sport.

As a matter of fact, exactly one year after my injury, I’m ironically competing in the very same tournament where I originally injured my wrist. I am so grateful for the surgery that was performed by Dr. Mintalucci. He is honest, caring, realistic and provided a great experience – along with the staff at Santa Rosa Orthopaedics.  Thank you ~ Adnan Jerkovic

About Dr. Mintalucci

Board-certified, fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Dominic Mintalucci specializes in microsurgical, hand and upper extremity surgery. He also co-directs The Hand Center at SRO alongside Dr. Kai-Uwe Mazur. Dr. Mintalucci has trained in the most advanced surgeries Including Tenex medial epicondylitis (Golfers elbow), lateral epicondylitis (Tennis elbow), Achilles tendon, and elbow surgeries.  He also performs Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections for quicker healing and pain relief as an alternative to surgery when standard treatments fall short.