Michael Armstrong was a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer for 30 years.  He joined the CHP in 1968, and has been retired for 22+ years. While he enjoying his retired life, he gradually started noticing shoulder pain.

After researching shoulder treatment specialist physicians Michael discovered Santa Rosa Orthopaedics. He was referred to Dr. Neema Pourtaheri in May 2017.  After several office visits and imaging studies, the diagnosis was advanced arthritis, bone spurs and bruising. The treatment was a complicated and complete right shoulder replacement.

Dr. Pourtaheri indicated that it would take a year for a full recovery. Regardless, Michael was ready for the pain to end. He proceeded with the surgery, which went smoothly.

For two months, Armstrong went to physical therapy each day. After three months, it just kept getting better each day. “The best part of my treatment is the complete resolution of pain For so long, the pain in my  shoulder caused uncomfortable nights of sleep; any time I would turn over or move, it would hurt. Now I can sleep.  I enjoy doing yard work and washing my cars because it no longer is painful. My life is back to normal.

I have to say that Dr. Pourtaheri is simply the best of the best.  The ‘sense of caring’ from Santa Rosa Orthopaedics is distinctive and the staff are great. As a matter of fact, I liked Santa Rosa Orthopedics so much, that I subsequently had a knee replacement by Dr. Stein – another success. I can’t recommend this practice or these doctors enough. Thanks for restoring me to a pain free life.

About Dr. Neema Pourtaheri:

Dr. Neema Pourtaheri is a board certified and fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon who brings invaluable medical expertise to the SRO team. He has trained alongside some of the world’s finest orthopaedic surgeons and in highly versed in the latest advancements in shoulder and elbow care.

In addition, he practices general orthopaedics including arthroscopy, fracture care, joint replacement, reverse total shoulder replacement and total shoulder & elbow replacement with a focus on minimally invasive procedures. Dr. Pourtaheri also performs Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections to advance healing and pain relief when standard treatments are not as effective.