About Dr. Block

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Hayden Block brings deep experience in exercise science, fitness and rehabilitation to his role as SRO’s director of rehabilitation services. After earning his undergraduate degree in exercise science at California State University Sacramento, he went on to enroll in the doctoral program in physical therapy at Azusa Pacific University in southern California, from where he graduated in 2018.

Hayden relies on his extensive experience in various outpatient settings to fashion individualized programs for each patient under his care. His focus on movement science incorporates dynamic neuromuscular stabilization techniques designed to improve patients’ overall movement and decrease pain.

Hayden enjoys treating people of all ages and physical capabilities. He has done so in settings ranging from home health to hospital in-patient settings, corporate wellness/fitness, athlete rehabilitation, and personal training. All these experiences have helped him build a foundation to pursue a physical therapy career focused on improving people’s overall well-being.

Hayden enjoys weight lifting, running, surfing, hiking, and all outdoor activities, made all the more special when in the company of close relatives and friends.