About Candyce Powell

Licensed Physical Therapist

Candyce Powell brings more than 20 years of experience to her role as an SRO physical therapist. Since graduating from Mt. St. Mary’s University in Maryland with a master’s degree in physical therapy, she has worked in a variety of orthopedics outpatient settings emphasizing rehabilitation and injury management.

Candyce relies first on a comprehensive analysis of the synergy of every patient’s neuromuscular system, followed by a detailed treatment plan. Her goal is to provide for maximum recovery while taking care to prevent further injury or other harm. This holistic approach enables Candyce to identify the cause of a patient’s problem, implement a corrective treatment plan that allows for healing, and optimizes the patient’s overall health and performance.

Candyce specializes in pre- and post-surgical spinal rehabilitation and joint replacements, pre- and post-natal rehabilitation, pelvic instabilities, hypermobility syndromes, osteoporosis, scoliosis, and dysfunctional movement patterns.