About Dr. Baumgardner

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Benjamin Baumgardner likes to muse that he has a black belt in “dad jokes,” but his more important credential is as a doctor of physical therapy, which he earned at California State University, Sacramento in 2016. He has been practicing ever since in post-acute rehabilitation and orthopedic settings, where he has treated a wide variety of concerns ranging from geriatric patients to those with neurological, orthopedic and sports rehab needs. He joined SRO in spring 2020.

“I believe that laughter is the second-best medicine, as exercise and activity is the first,” he says. “I work with you to design a hands-on, personalized program geared to your specific lifestyle and injury presentation. I am equal parts detective, coach, and support system. I focus on what you can do, and help you improve your movement over time.”

Away from the clinic, Ben is an avid strength and conditioning enthusiast, as well as an “Ultimate Frisbee” nerd and a doting father/husband.