About Dr. Shah

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Aanal graduated in 2008 from Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India with a Bachelors of Physical Therapy degree. After graduation, she worked for a few years as a Lead Physical Therapist in a multispeciality hospital and at an outpatient clinic before moving to the USA in 2012. She earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Northeastern University in 2016.

Aanal has worked with a wide range of patient populations, from young, elite athletes with sport related injuries to postoperative, vestibular, pulmonary and neurological disorders. She believes in a comprehensive approach to therapy and in treating the whole body with a variety of techniques. She believes in “Motion is Lotion” and helps achieve your goals in easy and fun ways. She is also fluent in Hindi and Gujarati languages.

Apart from being a “Soccer Mom” she enjoys playing chess, going on bike rides and doing DIY projects with her 7 years old son. She and her husband are globetrotters and so far, they have covered 26 states in the USA and 5 countries.